For all office visits we have instituted the following guidelines:

1. If a patient has any of the following, appointments will be rescheduled:

‐ Travel to or from high-risk area within the last two weeks

‐ Known Covid-19 contact

‐ Fever

‐ Cough, flu-like symptoms or SOB

Patients are asked to bring their own pen or pencil for filling out paperwork.

All patients and visitors will wash hands before checking in.

All patients must wear a mask.

Our staff is being extremely careful in cleaning between patients. All staff members will wear masks and gloves and gloves will be changed with handwashing between each patient.


All cosmetic procedures are currently on hold. If you are interested in scheduling sclerotherapy for spider veins please call our office and we can schedule a visit for sometime hopefully in mid June or July depending upon state guidelines.


Telemedicine consultations are now available with Dr. Hertzman. For new patients or for follow up consultations a telemedicine consultation with Dr. Hertzman using Facebook, Skype, or zoom is possible.
For new patients this will allow a Headstart and a follow up with an actual examination and ultrasound study can be scheduled. We hope that the in person examinations will be possible within 3 to 4 weeks.


Any patient who is scheduled for an office visit may request to have a Covid-19 PCR test done several days before the visit. If you would like to have one of these tests prior to visit please call our office and Marcia can arrange it for you.


Vein Care of New Mexico is happy to welcome Carolyn Robards RN back to practice in Santa Fe.

Carolyn is known by many in Santa Fe for her artistic
approach to cosmetic enhancement using fillers and Botox. She strives to create a “natural” appearance and is committed to the best outcomes possible.

For an appointment with Carolyn call us at 505-988-5900.

Learn about vein disease and risks for blood clots

New Healthy Veins Website for Patients
The American College of Phlebology has redesigned WWW.HEALTHYVEINS.ORG. Check it to learn more about your veins.

Contact us at or call 505-988-5900 for evaluation and treatment.

Treating patients with severe vein disease in Honduras

Just returned from Honduras. In collaboration with Dr. Lindy Mchutchison under the auspices of the Hackett-Hemwell-Patterson Foundation we treated 100 patients with severe leg ulcers in two days. Patients with leg ulcers related to venous insufficiency who had been treated three months earlier had improved significantly. We took samples from patients with ulcers that have not improved to try to determine the underlying causes.